Anniversary Week Reminiscing: Our Reception

Our Reception

Happy Friday Everyone! I loved hearing about you favorite book you read this summer yesterday, and I’m excited to read some of your recommendations.  My husband and I are looking forward to a three-day weekend because we are taking off Monday to celebrate our anniversary day.

Wednesday, I shared some of my favorite photos from our wedding ceremony and before, and today, to continue the celebration, I am going to share some of my favorite photos from our reception.

I love this photo of our Pastor signing our marriage license.  I remember that moment made everything feel so real.


We had the best wedding party and we were so thankful that they were all there to share our special day with us. 1404607_10151636445146371_36725437_o

And I just loved our venue.  So beautiful!


Our florist did such an amazing job with all the sunflowers.  My bouquet was amazing.


This is my absolute favorite photo from our wedding.  Zack was helping me carry my shoes because I had taken them off when my feet started hurting.  I think this photo sums up how my husband constantly takes care of me and looks out for me. Even if it means carrying my girly shoes.



Right before this, we tried to take a picture of me swinging in the swing and I fell in the mud.  (#TotalRebeccaMove) But like the loving husband he is, Zack didn’t miss a beat and picked me right back up.  I was a little muddy but you can’t tell.



I did a whole lot of DIY projects for the ceremony decorations.  Why buy expensive things you are going to use once when you can make them?


My mom and step-dad made all the table numbers to look like doors with our pictures inside.  They also made the little tea-lights from baby food jars and we reused the flowers from the aisle as center pieces.


We had the most delicious cupcakes! And they were so beautiful with the little sugar sunflowers!


I made the chalkboard-looking signs for the back of our chairs as well.


Zack’s one request for our wedding was a cool getaway car.

I’m so lucky to have this man.1410889_10151636493801371_1715102931_o

Photos courtesy of Linda Blue Photography.

Favorite Book That I Read This Summer : A Goodreads Link-up

Favorite Book That I Read This Summer : A Goodreads Link-up

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Anniversary Week programming to bring you something that might be more interesting to you if you’re sick of me gushing about my husband.  If you’re not, stay tuned for pt. 2 of the wedding pictures on Friday. But I digress…

This summer I read A lot of really good books.  I could have spent every day reading, but alas I have to work and make money and all that adult sort of stuff.  Still, I think I read some pretty good ones.  And if you like to read, this is the link up for you! I am hosting this link up with Jenn and Sarah today talking about our favorite books we read this summer.

What was your favorite book that you read this summer? Link up your Goodreads account at the bottom and leave a comment with the best book you read this summer!

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Ok everyone, now it’s your turn!
1. Follow the hosts on one of their links.
2. Add a couple of other people who link up as friends.
3. Comment with your favorite book that you read this summer! Feel free to discuss any and all good books.
4. Come back next month for our next account link up and book topic!
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Anniversary Week Reminiscing: Our Wedding Ceremony

Our Wedding Ceremony

Now that you’ve heard about how my husband and I met, what our first date was like, and how he proposed, I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos from our wedding ceremony and prior to it.  The day was absolutely perfect.  The sun was shining and it wasn’t too hot or too cold (a miracle in Tennessee).  We got married at Spring Haven Mansion in Hendersonville, Tennessee, just north of Nashville.


If you know me, you know I LOVE sunflowers and we had them EVERYWHERE.


Isn’t my groom just so handsome?



My mom and my step-dad and I had shopped for my wedding dress the December before our wedding on Zack and my first visit to California together.  I was so nervous that it was going to still fit after so many months, several hospital stays, and a surgery.  But thankfully, it did and I was healthy for our wedding day.




Yellow is my absolute favorite color and I just loved the way the bridesmaids dresses went with the sunflowers.  I was so fortunate to have two friends fly in from California to be my bridesmaids (my best friend from second grade on and one of my closet friends from junior high on.)  I had another friend fly in from Colorado that I’ve known since she was born, and my roommate from college was my Maid Of Honor.


My dad and I both had to help each other not fall walking down the cobblestone aisle.


We had a random cat make an appearance during our ceremony. 941814_10151636437881371_1288993377_n

1397033_10151636435906371_574977973_o  1383968_10151636436411371_486284396_n

I may or may not have forgotten to move my engagement ring to my right hand so Zack could put my wedding ring on.  In the last minute right before this one I panicked and moved it really quick.


That first kiss was a good one!


And I was so excited to be his wife!


I still am.


Photos courtesy of Linda Allen Blue

Anniversary Week Reminiscing: Our Engagement

Our Engagement

In continuation of the week-long celebration of our first anniversary, today I am sharing our engagement story.  If you missed how we met or our first date, be sure to check those out!

Zack and I had been talking about getting married for a while. Both of us felt pretty early on that we would be getting married one day (well at least I did). On our first anniversary we he had asked me about the kind of ring I would want if he proposed someday and the next day he surprised me by taking me to pick one out for when the time came. It was such an exciting experience looking together at the rings and imagining that one day he would propose with one similar to the one we picked out.

After trying on several rings (ok hundreds), he pointed to one that he thought I might like. After putting it on, every one that I tried on after that just didn’t compare. As we left the store last night I dreamed about the day he would become my fiance. I had no idea it would only be a few weeks later.

It was a Saturday night on October 13th that we decided to go out to a movie. Afterward, we went to dinner.  It was pretty typical of a Saturday night date that we had before (and still have often) but I remember feeling like it was one of the best dates we had been on and we were having a great time laughing and having fun together.
After dinner Zack suggested that we go for a walk around a nearby lake. Knowing that he loves nature and being out at night, it didn’t seem unusual. We walked across the lighted bridge and headed down the path around the lake. It was dark and we were the only people on the path. We could hear ducks in the background. At one point, as we were walking, he gave me a hug and I noticed that his heart was beating fast. Still, I didn’t suspect anything.
Soon, he started talking about how he had felt for a long time that we were meant to be together and that God had blessed us with one another. I agreed, thinking he was just having a thankful moment. Suddenly, he was reaching in his blazer and getting down on one knee. I thought, “certainly I’m not lucky enough that he’s really doing this right now.” I think I actually said the words, “Are you really doing this right now?” Until the moment he actually said the words, “will you marry me?” I thought for sure it wasn’t real.

Our Engagement

The night we got engaged

After I said yes we heard music playing across the lake. Someone was having a live band at a birthday party. In that moment it became our band and we danced to celebrate getting engaged. As we walked the path back I couldn’t contain my excitement for when we would be back at the truck and out of the dark so that I could see how beautiful the ring was.

Anniversary Week Reminiscing: Our First Date

Our First DateOne week from today, my husband and I will be celebrating our one-year anniversary.  It’s crazy to think I’ve be able to call myself his wife for a whole year already.  In celebration, each day this week I will be sharing another part of our story.

Last week, I shared how we met the day I was baptized and joined a small group at my new church. Today, I will be sharing how we ended up accidentally going on our first date.

A few weeks after meeting my church small-group for the first time, I felt the urge to get to know them all better. I sent out an email asking if anyone would like to go bowling with me one Friday night, and no one responded. Days went by and finally Zack (like the good group leader he was) wanted to see if anyone in the group had agreed to meet up with me.

After telling him that no one had answered my email, he said he was busy Friday night but that he’d love to go bowling on Saturday if I was available. I agreed right away thinking it would be nice to at least get to know the group leader better.

Of course, I told my mom that I was going bowling with a guy from my church group and she got extremely excited thinking I was going on a date. Suddenly I was nervous. Had I really agreed to go on a date with him? What was I going to wear? I honestly didn’t know if I could remember what he looked like.

I got ready making sure that I looked cute enough if it turned out to be a date but casual enough that it in case it wasn’t a date, I didn’t look like I’d tried too hard. I headed out in to the pouring rain with my newly straightened hair only to find 4 cop cars blocking my way out of the parking lot.

I’ve seen way too many episodes of Law And Order because my immediate thought upon seeing 6 cops storm out of the apartment building next to mine wearing bullet-proof vests and rubber gloves was that there had been a murder. I thought to myself, “At least we will have something to talk about now.” Flustered about the savage murderer loose at my apartment complex, I arrived at the restaurant that we agreed to meet at nervous and shaking.

Once I saw him sitting at the table waiting for me, my nerves about my apartment turned in to nerves about whether or not we were on a date. I was instantly attracted to his incredibly blue eyes and the way he smiled at me. I think I prayed the entire time at dinner that we were on a date.

Conversation was easier than expected. I felt instantly comfortable with him as we joked about the police at my apartment and talked about where we were from. After dinner we went bowling and I hoped that the game would never end. I was relieved when he asked if I wanted to get ice cream after because I didn’t want to imagine the night ever being over.

Upon returning to my apartment, I spent the next hour rolling on the floor giggling because I already liked this man I wasn’t sure I had gone on a date with so much.  My roommate just stared at me like I was crazy. I texted him to tell him I had a good time and he texted back asking if we could consider it a date. My prayer had been answered.

That next evening we went to church together, and as he slipped his arm around me, I knew I wanted to be with him. That Monday morning he sent me a text message asking me if I would be his girlfriend and when I said yes, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Our First Date - The First Picture

Our First Picture Together