A Halloween Costume Redemption

A Halloween Costume Redemption

If you remember my post from a few weeks back about What Not To Wear For Halloween, you know that I’ve made some very questionable Halloween fashion choices.  I’ve worn wigs at inappropriate times, I’ve gone a little overboard with the glue-on fur and face paint, and I’ve dressed up as characters no one has heard of.  My largest mistake left me looking like naked leftovers.

Because of my terrible track record, I felt enormous pressure to come up with something very creative and yet not embarrassing this year.  Last Saturday, the day of the Halloween party my husband and I were set to attend, I still didn’t have a costume.  Enter what I now refer to as my Halloween Costume Redemption.

Halloween Costume: Eliot and ET

Here’s how to create your very own Halloween Costume Redemption:

1. Purchase a cheap red sweatshirt.  I got mine at Old Navy for $10 but I also found some at Goodwill for about $5.

2. Purchase a white sheet from Goodwill for $1 or reuse and old one you have at home.

3. “Borrow” the basket you shopped with at Goodwill.  (Husband said I HAD to take it back when I’m done)

4. Get replacement bike handlebar grips from a sporting goods store for $10.  Hot glue the grips to the side of your basket.  (Husband would not let me use Gorilla glue, see #3)

5. Find a heavy-duty belt (I borrowed my husband’s) to thread through the basket to strap yourself in.

6. Find a cute ET face picture online.  Have it printed to take as much space as possible on an 8X10 piece of paper.  I had it printed at Fedex Office and laminated for $2.

7. Wrap a large stuffed animal (in my case dog toy) in your white sheet.

8. Tape the ET face to the stuffed animal and be sure all but the face is covered in the white sheet.

9.  For added effect put a glowing light on the stuffed animal’s chest to simulate ET’s glow.  I used a battery operated light for a pumpkin for $2.

10.  Be proud of yourself for your creativity.

The Satisfied Face of Halloween Costume Redemption

I spent a total of $25 dollars, $10 of which was on a sweatshirt I will definitely wear again.  Everyone at the party knew what I was supposed to be and I didn’t look naked or feel embarrassed.  #Halloweenwin

What are you dressing up as this year?

Equally Yoked: What Is Fidelity Really?

What Is Fidelity Really?

Today I am over at Sage The Blog talking about Fidelity in Marriage. I think so often we imagine that fidelity just means being physically faithful to our spouse, but I have come to find that true fidelity is much more than that.

I am so honored that Cassie asked me to write for her incredible series Equally Yoked. I have been inspired by all the amazing women who have discussed their marriage and faith throughout the series.  I hope you will head over to Cassie’s blog and check out my post on fidelity, as well as all the other wonderful and moving posts about faith and marriage.

2 Years Of Blogging

2 Years Of Blogging

It’s been two years of blogging.  What started out as a simple wedding website to celebrate my engagement has become one of my most cherished places to visit.  Two years ago I was newly engaged and just excited to share with family and friends how the wedding planning was going.  Quickly,  through the process of writing (a whole three posts over three months) for my wedding website, I was reminded how much I truly am in love with writing.

By January, I decided to move my blog over to my singing website (hence the rebeccachapman.com) and continue the journey of documenting our engagement and eventual marriage.  My life took a turn when my Crohn’s Disease flared up and I was sent to the hospital a total of 5 times in as many months.  My little blog got forgotten.  I wrote a post here and there to prove I was alive but as I was preparing for surgery to finally get my health on track, the last thing I wanted to do was document what I was going through.

It wasn’t until this past March that I really decided to dedicate serious time to this space of mine and it has been an incredible blessing.  I have connected with so many people that have given me the strength to continue battling my Crohn’s Disease and to be honest about my struggles with Depression.  I have been encouraged and inspired to continue writing by some incredible writers that this space has allowed me to talk to.  I am going to get that novel done! I’ve been challenged to share about my marriage and to push myself to constantly improve as a wife.  I have learned so much by trial and error and Google.  And most of all, I have just stuck with it by showing up here more consistently than I have in any other endeavor in my life.  I am so excited to see what this journey takes me.

I’d love to share with you my very first blog post.  And thank you for being here to support me along the way.

1st Blog Post


A Letter To My Friends

A Letter To My Friends

Dear Friends,

It seems like lately so many of you are hurting.  So many of you are feel weighed down be sadness or anxiety. And I too have been feeling the same.  Recently, it’s been hard to show up to this space every day because I’ve been feeling like anything I have to say just doesn’t matter.  I’ve had trouble getting out to do anything with friends because I tell myself I have nothing to offer.  I tell myself that my friends are better off without my mood bringing them down.  I don’t know why so many of us have been feeling this way.  We’ve lost loved ones or financially things have been hard.  Our health has presented us with struggles or our past demons have decided to make an appearance from far away places that we thought we had left them buried.

Whatever the reason, all that matters is that you know that I’ve been thinking about you.  My friend that has just felt like life cannot go right lately.  Or my friend that has everything in life they could have possibly dreamed of, and yet still can’t seem to get past the worry that they feel.

I know some of you well.  You beautiful faces that show up time after time to this internet space of mine and leave me encouraging comments.  Some of you I am just getting to know but I am astounded at all that we have in common and all the burdens that we share.  Others of you I may not know, but you are here and that makes us connected.  We are in this together, you an I.  Because I know I’m not the only one that has been trying so desperately lately to feel happy, but is just struggling.

I want you to know that you are not alone.  You are not ignored.  You are on my mind and in my heart and I will be praying for you.  Reach out to me.  Say hello.  Let’s get together and use our swords to battle whatever it is that is causing this dark cloud over so many of us.  Let’s tell it we know that it’s lying when it tells us we are worthless, or ugly, or fat, or that the things that we have to say don’t matter.  Because it’s just not true.  You and I have so much to offer and we cannot allow the darkness to tell us otherwise.

A Letter To My Friends: You And I Have So Much To Offer

What I Feel When A Book Has No Ending

What I Feel When A Book Has No Ending

I just finished a book.  It was a rather good book that I enjoyed very much.  I’d tell you what book it was but I don’t want to ruin the ending, or lack there of.  You know what I’m talking about.  When there is this long build up of dramatic conflict.  Will the guy get the girl?  Will the guy forget about the girl?  Will he take a new job?  It looks like…it looks like…oh wait…he’s just going to drive off in to the sunset and you as the reader has to decide what happens.

I do have an imagination.  And maybe some readers want to be able to create their own ending in their mind.  To that I say, the author should have finished his work! If I was an author, I’d have written the book myself! I hope one day I do write a book, but I don’t go to work every day and start a project only to hand it off 95% finished.  Finish your book Author X!

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but I really liked the book.  I got invested in the characters.  The main guy felt like a friend and I just want to call him up and ask him how he’s doing.  What ended up being your fate Character Y?!? Sadly no one has invented me a phone that calls a fictitious character (hey, I may be on to something) so I can’t ask him. Now I’m just left wishing that the author had left me with something more to hold on to.

“But then the book may have been too predictable,” you say.  And I have to agree with you there.  A clear-cut ending does leave for some predictability and stale story telling.  But gosh darn it I hate not knowing!

Am I the only one that feels this way?! As I get ready to embark on The Winter 2014 Book Challenge I really must know.