Fall Film Challenge

Fall Film Challenge

My husband and I are Netflix junkies.  Most of the time we binge watch a television show in a matter of weeks, but when we first started dating, Zack and I watched a lot of movies.  He even proposed to me after going out to the movies, so you could say movies are sort of our thing.  When I saw that my blogging buddy Sarah was doing a Fall Film Challenge, being the competitive person that I am, I had to join in.

Each year I challenge myself to watch all the Oscar nominated films before the Academy Awards, and most of the time I get about half watched.  Mostly, this is because it’s hard to catch some of them if they are already out of theaters, or my husband just isn’t interested in seeing them with me.  Most of the time he controls the remote. So, I figured in order to be successful with this challenge, he and I should sit down to pick out the movies together.  It was pretty spectacular marital exercise in compromise and if you will note there is not a single chick-flic on the list, but hey, I’m working at being a better wife, right?!

The challenge began September 1st and runs through November 30th.  Here is our list:

1. Any action/adventure flick. Ordinary Decent Criminal

2. Any shot in Budapest, Hungary. The Raven

3. Any awarded an Oscar for best cinematography There Will Be Blood

4. Any drama/biography/documentary. Apocalypse Now

5. Any awarded an Oscar for best film editing. Slumdog Millionaire

6. Any science-fiction/fantasy flick. The Forgotten

7. Any starring an actress whose last name begins with the letter g. White House Down (Maggie Gyllenhaal)

8. Any set during any holiday. Mixed Nuts

9.  Any from internet movie database’s top flicks list. Goodfellas

10. Any starring an actor whose last name begins with the letter j. U.S. Marshalls (Tommy Lee Jones)

11. Any starring an actress whose last name begins with the letter k. The Interpreter (Nicole Kidman)

12. Any shot in London, England. In Bruges

13. Any awarded an Oscar for best original score. Schindler’s List

14. Any adapted from any novel. The Talented Mr. Ripley

15. Any awarded an Oscar for best original screenplay. Dead Poet’s Society

16. Any awarded an Oscar for best picture. 12 years a slave

17. Any featured on American movie classic’s fifty great movie quote’s list. Blazing Saddles

18. Any romance or comedy. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

19. Any sports flick. Cinderella Man

20.  Any thriller or mystery. Vanilla Sky

21. Any starring an actor whose last name begins with the letter u. Rules of Engagement (Blair Underwood)

22. Any shot in a country you’ve never visited. The American

23.  Any shot in Wilmington, North Carolina. Tammy

24. Any western or war film. Saving Private Ryan

25. Any from American film institute’s greatest American movies of all time. Taxi Driver

Have you seen any of the movies on our list? What did you think?

A Simple Way To Improve Your Phone Photography

Attachable Lenses are an simple way to improve your phone photography

I am by no means an expert photographer, but I have learned quite a bit about photography through blogging.  I know how important it is to have great photos with your blog posts  so a lot of the time I use my DSLR to capture the photos I use in my posts or I use free stock photos.  Other times, I am trying to capture something unexpected and I don’t happen to have my big camera on me.  This happens quite a bit when my pets do something ridiculous.  I’m sitting in the living room, and I’m afraid they will move, so I don’t want to run into the bedroom and grab my camera.  I have to take a picture with my phone.

Sometimes, this phone photos turn out great if there is a lot of light and not a whole lot of movement.  Other times, it’s pretty obvious that the quality is pretty grainy and just not comparable to my camera.  Just last week, I saw a fabulous post on A Beautiful Mess about phone lenses and knew I had to give them at try.  My sweet husband ordered two of them for me from Photojojo and so far I am IN LOVE with them.

Phone Lenses are simple way to improve your phone photography.

And they are super easy to use! They come with magnet stickers to attach to your phone and then the lenses attach to that magnet. Here’s why I think they are awesome:

1. How can you not appreciate anything that comes in a package with dinosaur references?!

Photo Lenses From Photojojo2. The Fisheye Lens is perfect for making my animals look sillier than they already are.

Fisheye Lens from Photojojo

Fisheye Lens from Photojojo

3. The Telephoto Lens provides a better quality, close-up photo. Because you want those cute faces to look good!

Telephoto lens from Photojoj

Telephoto Lens From Photojojo

Have you tried attachable lenses for your phone?  What other ways have you improved your phone photography?

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How God Is Using My Marriage To Change Me

How God Is Using My Marriage To Change Me

Happy Friday-eve everyone!

Today I am over at Prayerful Bloggers talking about how God is using my marriage to change me.  With my one-year anniversary coming up (how does the time go by so fast?!) I have been thinking quite a lot about what being a wife has taught me.  More than anything else, it has taught me I have quite a ways to go before I am the person God has designed me to be.  Sharing a life with someone has a tendency to bring out some of your greatest faults.  However, I believe it also pushes you to want to work on those faults for that person.  I’d love for you to check out the post and let me know what you think.

If you are married, how has being married changed you?

A Proposal For Penguin Week

A Proposal For Penguin Week

Dear Discovery Channel,

I love me some Shark Week. I think sharks are fascinating creatures. I love the added suspense and terror of your programming and the way your viewers celebrate with drinking games, crafts, and shark-themed party foods. It’s all so perfect for summer when so many people are heading to the beach. But what about winter? Don’t you need some extra programming to spice up the ratings in the colder months?

I have just the solution, Discovery Channel. Penguin Week.

Yes, a week centered around the most adorable and lovable creature that nature has to offer. A week where the American public gets to giggle as the penguins slide around on their bellies over the ice and make that horrible honking noise. A week where we watch the dander-covered babies grow in to adults and cover our eyes in terror as they escape leopard seals. A week where we learn about all different kinds of penguins, large and small and marvel at how ridiculous the Macaroni Penguin looks.


You see…everyone, and I mean everyone loves a penguin. They are always dressed for a special occasion. And their special occasion should be a whole week dedicated to them. Think of the possibilities for merchandise. Every child will want to buy a stuffed penguin to celebrate the week. Adults will as well! (not that I need any more penguins to add to my vast collection). Think of all the crafts to be made! Penguin-themed desserts to be baked!

In the winter, it’s so cold that most of us end up spending a lot of time around the television. Don’t you want to capitalize on that audience? Seriously, look at these faces and tell me Penguin Week isn’t a brilliant idea.


All I ask in return for using my idea is a trip to see the penguins. Antarctica is probably too cold for my taste but South America would do.


Meet Paige From Moments For The Journey

Meet Paige From Moments For The Journey

Today I’d love for you to meet Paige from Moments For The Journey.  Paige is a wife, fur momma to some pretty adorable animals, and quite the adventurer.  She and her husband love to camp and rock climb (brave, brave souls) and are working towards building a tiny house.  The way she shares her desire to be the best wife she can be in such an honest and open way, has really inspired me in my marriage.  In one of my absolute favorite posts from her, Paige shares the ways she falls short as a wife.  As a relatively newlywed, I can totally relate to each and every one of her struggles and I am moved to continue to grow as a spouse.  She also has an awesome series where she talks about dates with her husband from the letters of the alphabet.  I’ve gotten some really great ideas from those posts! In case you need any more reason to visit her blog, (I bet you’re already itching to) I asked Paige a few questions so you can get to know her better.


Q: Describe Your Perfect Day

A: My perfect day really depends on the season. During the summer my perfect day includes lots and lots of rock climbing. In autumn and spring my perfect days include reading a good book and drinking a cup of tea while sitting on my patio feeling the cool breeze blowing on my face. During winter the best days are spent curled up on my couch with a warm blanket and a hot cup of tea. No matter which season my perfect day includes lots of relaxation!

Q: If you could live anywhere on earth, where would you live?

A: In our tiny house! Oh wait, you probably mean a place. Ummm…the Smoky Mountains…in my tiny house.

Q: What’s one show you could watch over and over?

A: Gilmore Girls! And I have. I’ve seen all of the seasons at least 7 times. It really is the best show EVER! I’ve also watched Psych several times as well.

Q: If you were only allow to shop at one store, where would you shop?

A: Hmmmm…this is a tough one. I think if I could only shop at one store it would probably be Eddie Bauer. Every time it go in that store I wish I was rich so that I didn’t have to shop off of the clearance rack.

Q: If you could have one super power, what would it be?

A: I’ve always wished that I could read minds so that I could know what people really think of me, but the older I get the more I realize that I don’t think I would like that.

Q: What’s the best thing about blogging?

A: Although it’s the typical answer I would have to say the community. But that’s probably the typical answer because it really is the best part.

Q: Why did you start Moments For The Journey?

A: I started my blog when my hubby and I moved away from family across the country to Utah. I wanted a place to keep them up to date on our life. But since then it has grown into so much more. Now it is a place where I share my love of rock climbing, backpacking, tiny house and simple living, and faith.

Meet Paige

Q: What do you hope people take away from reading Moments For The Journey?

A: That life is about the moments – so make them count. Fill your moments with God’s joy, things that make you happy, and only what’s important to you.


Aren’t Paige and her husband just precious? To follow along with all of their adventures and tiny house progress, make sure to visit her at Moments For The Journey!