2014 Holiday Gift Guide – Unique Gifts For Husbands (Plus A Giveaway)

Unique Gifts For Husbands

The holidays are just around the corner (seriously, Thanksgiving is in a little over a week) and gift-buying season is now in full swing.  I’m teaming up with several awesome bloggers today to bring you a 2014 holiday gift guide.

As a wife, I always get extra stressed about my husband’s Christmas gift.  I want whatever I get him to be equal parts thoughtful, unique, and useful.  With those qualities in mind I scour the internet looking for something he will be surprised by.  Here are a few of the unique gifts I found for husbands.

For The TV-Loving Husband

1. Breaking Bad Beaker Mugs – for the man who needs something to put his meth coffee in.

Unique Gift Ideas For Husbands - Breaking Bad Beaker Mugs

2. Homeland Sniper T-Shirt for the man who wishes he was in the CIA.

Unique Gifts For Husbands - Homeland Sniper T-shirt

The Walking Dead Monopoly – For the man who believes in the importance of property, even during the zombie apocalypse.

Unique Gifts For Husbands - The Walking Dead Monopoly

For The Tactical-Loving Husband

1. Tactical Lunch Kit – For the man who wants to protect his lunch from zombies.

Unique Gifts For Husbands - Tactical Lunch Kit

2. Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter – for the man who knows everything is cooler with lasers.

Unique Gifts For Husbands - Tactical Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter

3. Bullet Pen – For the man who wants his writing to make an impact.

Unique Gifts For Husbands - Bullet Pen

For The Music-Loving Husband

1. Guitar Pick Punch – for the man who wants to make his own guitar picks.

Unique Gifts For Husbands - Guitar Pick Punch

2. Record Amplifier – for the man who appreciates the classic sound of a record.

Unique Gifts For Husbands - Record Amp

3. Electronic Drum Machine Shirt – for the man who makes rhythm wherever he goes.

Unique Gifts For Husbands - Drum Machine Shirt

If you’re still needing to buy some holiday gifts, you’ll want to enter this giveaway to win $60 from Amazon! I want to thank these amazing bloggers for co-hosting with me and making this giveaway possible!  Be sure to visit each one of these ladies’ gift guides by clicking on their links below!

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