Tell Me About Your Hometown: A New Home

Tell Me About Your Hometown: A New Home

I’ve lived in Tennessee for seven years now but have always called California home.  It’s where I was born. It’s where I grew up.  It’s where I got sick, made some of my best friends, had my first kiss, and drove a car for the first time.  As my mom got ready to sell my childhood house where I was raised, I mourned what felt like the loss of my home. Even though my husband and and I were buying a place of our own, it still didn’t feel like Tennessee was “my” place.

But yesterday as I drove to a friend’s house I past the place where my husband and I had our first date.  It’s just a rundown bowling ally.  Really no place of excitement.  Except I remember the exact feeling I had when I looked at him and knew he was special.

There are places like that sprinkled all around Nashville.  The dorm room where my best friend and I met.  The parking lot where my husband and I had our first kiss.  The lake where he proposed.  Our wedding spot. And now the house that we own together.  Places where little moments have had life-changing impact.

And that’s what home is, isn’t it?!  It’s not always the place you grew up or the first place you fell in love.  It’s the place that you want to come back to every day.  It’s the place where what’s most important to you can be found when you walk in every evening.  It’s the sound of your husband telling you he’s glad you’re home after a long day.

California will always have a special place in my heart.  I’ll probably continue to miss it and my family every single day.  But my husband is my new family and as we continue to make new memories, this is our home together.

Where is your home?

When A Pomeranian Gets A Haircut

When A Pomeranian Gets A Haircut

There’s something strange about when a Pomeranian gets a haircut.  For the past few weeks my dog Penguin has looked like a mangy Muppet.  He’s been cranky.  He’s had hair between his toes that has been obsessively chewing on.  He’s smelled like a rotten fish market.

So we got him a haircut this past weekend.  And I knew it had been too long since his last one when the groomer said “oh dear,” as we walked in the door and then pulled at his matted fur and said, “this is going to cost extra.”  I knew I should have combed him out before I got there.  I’m one of those people that if I had a maid I’d probably scrub the toilets before she came.  But Penguin’s hair was out of control, and I needed a professional.

When we returned home from the groomer my husband said, “what happened to our dog?  Whose dog is this?”  I told him that I’d traded our scary-looking dog for a cuter one.  And the funny thing is, he knows he’s cuter now.  He’s been prancing around all proud of himself and trying to cuddle up to us because he knows he smells delicious.

This morning I found him lying on the couch curled up in my blanket because apparently he had decided that he was way too good looking to be the kind of dog that sleeps on the floor in a dog bed.  Yesterday he allowed me to put one of my Chloe + Isabel on him to take a picture.  He just sat there with a big grin on his face happy to look good again.  Moral of the story, your pets (or at least my extremely vain Pomeranian) feel better when they are well groomed.  Don’t we all?  It’s a reminder to me that I need to make sure the cost of his haircut is an important expense when it needs to be done.

Do you have to take your dog to the groomers?  Do you groom your dog yourself?

P.S. Penguin wanted me to tell you that the necklace he is wearing and all other items in my Chloe + Isabel boutique are 25% off through April 30th with the code FFSPRING15.

Chloe + Isabel Friends And Family Sale

Must Play Well With Others

The weather is annoy.  Waiting is annoying.  But what's really annoying is for some reason my dogs did not get the memo that they must play well with others.

Living in an apartment with dogs is tricky.  Living in an apartment with two dogs is well, a challenge.  As my husband and I work on our search for the perfect house to purchase in the next year or so, I have one requirement, a big yard with a fence.

See…I’m selfishly thinking about not having to take the dogs out every morning.  I can avoid standing in the rain, or the snow, or the heat, while one of my dogs cowers because he hates being wet or cold, and the other dog eats the grass because she’s challenging her inner cow.  The weather is annoy.  Waiting is annoying.  But what’s really annoying is for some reason my dogs did not get the memo that they must play well with others.

The weather is annoy.  Waiting is annoying.  But what's really annoying is for some reason my dogs did not get the memo that they must play well with others.

I find myself avoiding people with other dogs outside like they all have some sort of world-ending plague.  Because if I don’t, Penguin will growl and bark and Bella will try to run at them full speed like they are full of bacon.  It’s terrifying and embarrassing, and has me feeling like an agoraphobe.  My neighbors must think I hate all people, but I really don’t, my dogs just act like they do.

It’s gotten so bad that the other night Bella flipped out when she saw something sitting in the middle of the sidewalk.  Thinking it was another dog she ran at it so ferociously that she almost tore it apart and it turned out to be a plant.  It was a poor potted fern with a Paddington style note that said “We are moving.  Help yourself.”  I felt so bad for the plant’s nerves that I took him inside and named him Herbert.

All that to say, I think we need a house with a backyard or some serious social training.

Do you have dogs? Do they like other dogs?

Beautiful Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Beautiful Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is May 10th this year, which means you have just about a month to find your mom the perfect gift.  I’m usually a terrible procrastinator when it comes to getting gifts (I get to excited to give them) but that just doesn’t work when your mother lives across the country and you need time for your present to get there.  Thankfully, my mom loves Chloe + Isabel (she is my best customer) so my job this year should be fairly easy.  However, there might be so many beautiful gift ideas for Mother’s Day that I have  a hard time picking something out.

Here are a few great options for Mom’s special day:

Take Heart Pendant Necklace – Hearts are always great for moms. Remind her of how much you love her with this dainty pendant.

Take Heart Pendant Necklace - Gift Idea's For Mother's Day

Take Heart Drop Earrings – If you’re feeling generous (and you should, she changed your diapers) you can get her the earrings that match!

Take Heart Drop Earrings - Gift Idea's For Mother's Day

Swept Away Bracelet – Not enough in the budget for real diamonds but you want something classy and high-quality.  Your mom will love this bracelet.  Have I mentioned all Chloe + Isabel jewelry is hypoallergenic, lead and nickle free, and comes with a lifetime guarantee?  Mom will be so proud of your purchase.

Swept Away Bracelet - Gift Idea's For Mother's Day

Heirloom Pearl Deco Necklace – What mom doesn’t love pearls?!  Look how classy these ones are!

Heirloom Pearl Deco Necklace - Gift Idea's For Mother's Day

Gardenia Convertible Pendant Necklace – This necklace is so dainty and feminine.  I love that it can be worn as two separate strands or together.

Gardenia Convertible Pendant Necklace - Gift Idea's For Mother's Day

Gardenia Stud Duo Earrings – These earrings come with two sets of studs in one!  You could save a pair for yourself and Mom would never know!

Check out the rest of my boutique and pick out something fabulous for Mom this year.  I’ll even throw in a pair of studs for you with a $100 purchase.

How To Treat A Cat With An Addiction

How To Treat A Cat With An Addiction

My cat has a serious problem.  He’s got an addiction to the plastic tops that pull out of the milk carton. At first it seemed cute that he loved them so much.  He’d stand on his hind legs whenever we got out the carton of milk from the fridge, dancing on his two legs like a trained poodle.

Then it became more serious.  He started batting the milk tops under door ways and crying loudly for hours when they were lost.  He’d beg us to open every door to find the ones he was missing.  He’d hoard them in cupboards until we’d find a stash of ten or more.  He’d play with one at all hours of the night.  He has yet to admit he has a problem.

So how do you treat a cat with an addiction?

Get him addicted to something else.

How To Treat A Cat With An Addiction

Thanks to the lovely people at, Mr. Kitty was able to try Wellness Kittles.  Kittles are natural, grain-free treats. Each one is under 2 calories, so I don’t feel bad about giving them to him and he’s stopped asking for milk tops. I did have to hide the bag to keep him from eating through it, but I don’t have to hear him cry when he loses his beloved milk tops anymore.  Win-win I say!


Do you have a cat?  Do they like milk tops as much as Mr. Kitty does?

*I (Mr. Kitty) received Wellness Kiddles in exchange for my (his) honest review.  All opinions are my (his) own.